Pedi Spin
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Pedi Spin

Pedi Spin PediSpin is an easy to use tool that gives you smooth, callus-free feet in just minutes. It uses a stainless steel microfile to gently and effectively remove rough, dry calluses from feet. This foot-smoothing miracle grooms feet perfectly with absolutely no pain. There are two speeds to choose from; the slower speed works on more delicate skin while the faster speed addresses hardened calluses. Heel booties are included to infuse skin-soothing essential oils into buffed heels.

Price: $14.88


  • It is gentle and painless for delicate skin
  • Grooms feet perfectly every time
  • Two convenient speeds
  • Smooth feet in minutes
  • Soothing heel booties included


  1. Smooth dry cracked, heels
  2. Remove hardened calluses from heels, soles, and toes
  3. Smooth your feet anytime and anywhere

How it Works

PediSpin uses a stainless steel microfile to gently yet effectively removed rough calluses from the toes, soles, and heels of your feet. It also includes two finishing files to create a silky smooth texture after removing calluses. There are two speeds that allow you to adjust the device for use on dry patches as well as tougher to remove calluses. Clean up is very easy; you simply remove the top and empty shavings.

How to Use it

  1. Attach the stainless steel buffing pad to the PediSpin
  2. Choose the desired precision speed: low for rough dry skin and high for tough calluses
  3. Turn on the device and gently buff away dry or rough skin
  4. Pop open the head and discard the shavings
  5. Replace the buffing pad with the finishing pad
  6. Continue buffing until skin is completely smooth