Side Socket
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Side Socket

Side Socket The Side Socket is a swiveling multi-plug outlet designed to keep electrical cords neat and off the floor, while giving you extra space. It contains 2 swiveling sockets with 3 electrical plugs on each, for a total of 6 electrical outlets. The sockets rotate 90 degrees to keep the plugs flat against the wall. No more messy cords on the floor either. The Side Socket keeps them elevated and out the way. It’s also for use in hard to reach places.

Price: $10.95



  • The Side Socket turns 2 electrical outlets into 6.
  • It keeps messy, tangled cords off the floor and out of sight.
  • Your furniture and appliances can fit flat against the wall with this socket.
  • The outlets swivel 90 degrees to keep you plugged in while staying flat against the wall.
  • It also has a surge protector to keep your expensive electronics safe!


  1. Use the Side Socket anywhere in your home.
  2. Use it behind sofas or in other hard to reach places.
  3. Use it to keep tangled cords off the floor and out of your way.
  4. Use it to gain extra space in your home because the sockets stay flat against the wall.
  5. Use it to protect your electronics during storms.
  6. Use it to gain 4 extra power outlets.

How it Works

The Side Socket has two swiveling sockets that rotate 90 degrees. This allows you to plug in up to 6 devices while keeping the plugs flat against the wall, which gives you more space in your home. The surge protector will also keep your electronics safe during storms.

How to Use It

  1. Simply plug your Side Socket into the desired electrical outlet.
  2. It turns 2 plugs into 6.
  3. Plug in your electronic devices, and rotate the sockets 90 degrees.
  4. Now you can move your furniture and appliances flat against the wall.