Tummy Stuffers
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Tummy Stuffers

Tummy Stuffers Tummy Stuffers™ are fun, colorful and huggable toys that can help kids clean their rooms or carry their pj’s to a sleepover. These 13" stuffed toys have an enormous capacity to store items in a hurry if cleaning a room quickly or just taking one’s clean laundry up the stairs. Their tummy can be filled with all manner of items including toys, clothes, books and treasures. They are seemingly insatiable and can carry a considerable amount fo things. There are six fun-filled characters to choose from including a Lilac Unicorn, a ladybug a brown monkey.

Price: $19.95

Type of Tummy Stuffer



  • Soft, plush construction with huge capacity for storage
  • Six different characters to shoose from
  • Fun and novel way to  put stuff away
  • Huggable once full of clothes or soft toys


  1. Carrying case for travel items, clothing, etc.
  2. Utilized for storage and decoration
  3. Serves as a toy and as a cozy companion
  4. Kids love having a secret hiding place
  5. Provides an quick and handy option for gathering up clutter

How It Works

Tummy Stuffers™ is a 13-inch soft toy with an enormous stomach which can be filled manually through the creature’s mouth, with appropriate items be they toys, clothes, books, etc. It can be used for highly practical purposes such as storage and magical purposes as a secret hiding place. It can help one organize and keep things tidy in a hurry.

How to Use It [Step By Step]

  1. Open the toy through the stuffed animal’s mouth
  2. Begin placing toys or other items inside
  3. Avoid placing food, dirty clothing, or anything that could potentially ruin the integrity of the toy
  4. See how many toys or items your fuzzy friend can consume
  5. Use it to transport items from one room to another
  6. Empty out the items and put them away where they belong