Air Curler
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Air Curler

Air Curler The Air Curler is a styling tool that is supposed to curl your hair in 20 seconds. It is a tool that attaches to your hair dryer, and it gives tangle-free curls without burning the hair or leaving it frazzled. The hair is put into a styling bowl, and the vortex causes your hair to be curly in seconds. It can be attached to most types of hair dryers, and works the best when your hair is slightly damp.

Price: $14.95


  • This product is a quick way to curl your hair.
  • Takes up to 20 seconds to get wavy curls.
  • Can be attached to any hair drier.
  • Curls are tangle-free, making it a painless method to curl your hair with.
  • Little heat allows your hair not to be burnt and doesn’t give you a risk of burning yourself.
  • Put your hair in the styling bowl and turn on your hair drier.
  • Vortex creates curls.


  1. The product is used for creating curls.
  2. It’s useful for anyone who needs a fast way to curl their hair.
  3. It’s also useful if your hair is sensitive to heat or tangles.

How It Works

It works because of the bowl that includes. Hair placed into the bowl is blown by the vortex that the hair drier creates, causes hair to curl up. Because it’s a hair drier, it is easier to do this if your hair has some dampness to it.

How To Use It

  1. Attach the Air Curler to your hair drier.
  2. Plug in the hair drier.
  3. Dampen your hair slightly. 
  4. Place hair in the bowl and turn the drier on for a few seconds.