Appetizers For Dummies
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Appetizers For Dummies

Appetizers For Dummies The Dummies series is not for actual dummies, but for people who are unfamiliar with a subject and want to learn more without being intimidated, making it a beginner-friendly guide instead of one for people already familiar with the subject. In this entry, celebrity chef Dede Wilson shows you how to make appetizers with 75 different recipes, ranging from Italian food to shrimp cocktails. The recipes range from traditional to exotic, to the more obscure and offbeat.   

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  • Not for actual dummies, the Dummy books are for anyone who wants to learn more about a subject, but in a beginner-friendly way that assumes they know nothing about it.
  • Written by celebrity chef Dede Wilson.
  • Contains over 75 recipes for appetizers. 
  • Contains traditional recipes like crab cakes and deviled eggs.
  • Contains more obscure entries like puff pastries, tea sandwiches, and a slew of other exotic meals that will expand your horizons.
  • Impress your friends at a party or throw a formal dinner by cooking appetizers.
  • Quick menus for any occasion.
  • Lists ingredients that you can find right in your pantry.


  1. Can be used for a newbie cook who wants to learn more about serving appetizers.
  2. Can be used to make ethnic and traditional appetizers for any occasion.

How It Works

The Dummy books are written in simple language that is easy for someone who doesn’t know about a subject. It is written by a celebrity chef, so they have knowledge about what you’re going to be making.

How To Use It

  1. Read the book.
  2. Follow directions.