Be Active Brace
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Be Active Brace

Be Active Brace Be Active Brace is a revolutionary acupuncture system that works to relieve back pain. This system is so easy to use and it not only relieves back pain but other areas including the buttocks and legs too. It works because of the pressure point that is applied to your calf. When this pressure is applied it relieves tension and soreness in your sciatic nerve for the entire day. Ideal for the left or right leg, Be Active Brace is perfect for everyone suffering from minor to chronic back pain. Just slide it on your led - it is that easy.

Price: $14.95


How to Use (Step by Step)

1. Slip It Over Your Foot
  • The first step is to slip Be Active Brace over your foot. It does not matter which leg you put it on - this all depends on where you are experiencing pain.
  • 2. Pressure Pad
  • Pull Be Active Brace up your calf and place the pressure pad on the outer edge of your calf. Be Active Brace should be positioned just under your knee.
  • 3. Tighten
  • Tighten the brace until it feels comfortable and you will instantly feel relief.
  • How It Works

    The pressure pad on Be Active brace applies pressure to your calf muscle. This muscle is directly aligned with your sciatic nerve and instantly provides pain relief by using acupuncture technology.


    Unique Design
  • The unique design lets you where Be Active Brace on either your left or right leg which is extremely convenient.
  • Adjustable
  • The adjustable strap makes Be Active Brace perfect for everyone.
  • Discrete
  • The discrete design lets you wear Be Active Brace anywhere because it can be worn under your clothing.
  • Uses

    1. Pain Relief
  • The primary reason to use Be Active Brace is because it uses acupuncture technology to relieve pain in the lower back, legs and buttock.
  • 2. Exercise
  • You can even wear Be Active Brace while exercising. It will stay firmly in place and relieve pain while exercising.