Blue Jeaneez
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Blue Jeaneez

Blue Jeaneez Blue Jeaneez is a pair of specially designed pants that combine jeans with leggings. These pants offer the comfort of leggings and the stylish look of jeans. They are made out of smart fabric that molds to your body - always providing the perfect fit. You will never have to worry about zippers or buttons because these pants just have to pulled on like a pair of leggings. A seamless design ensures they will never kink, twist or tangle.

Price: $19.95




  • Blue Jeaneez help to shape your legs and butt. The smart fabric makes your legs look firm and slim.
  • Photo Ready Fabric
  • The 3D fabric photographs beautifully and looks exactly like a pair of designer quality jeans.
  • Tummy Tucking Technology
  • These pants are designed to hug your curves - flaunting your best assets. They will comfortably hide your love handles.
  • How It Works

    The secret behind this product is the Slimtex technology. This fabric acts like a body shaper by compressing against your skin. In return, these pants produce the same effect as Spanx, giving your legs and butt a smooth and lifted look.


    1. Style
  • Wear Blue Jeaneez for style. These pants are comfortable, yet stylish. They are perfect for every occasion and go well with anything.
  • 2. Comfort
  • This product offers as much comfort as it does style. They are perfect to lounge around in as they mold to your body.
  • How to Use (Step by Step)

    1. Choose Your Size
  • The first step is to choose your size. There are two sizes available. The small / medium style is designed to fit pant sizes 4-9 and the large / extra-large style will fit sizes 9-18.
  • 2. Slip Them On
  • All you have to do is slip them on and pair them with a top.