Butt Face Towel
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Butt Face Towel

Butt Face Towel The Butt Face towel is a towel that tells you which part of the towel the body should dry. One side is intended for drying the face, and the other the buttocks. Both sides have "butt" and "face" written on them in distinct letters, and each side is color coded to match which side should dry which part of the body. Also, it measures 45 x 25in, giving plenty of of room to dry your face and butt  off with. 

Price: $14.88


  • It is the ideal towel if you don’t want your towel touching your face when it’s already dried your behind.
  • Divided into two sides, giving you the ability to tell which side is for the face and which side is for the butt. 
  • White side is for the face, the brown side for the butt.
  • Each side tells you which part should be dried off. 
  • Measures 45in x 25 in


  1. It can be used to dry yourself off with after stepping out of the water.
  2. It’s used if you don’t want the part of the towel that touched your butt drying your face off. 
  3. Good for couples who don’t like touching butts. 

How It Works

It’s divided into two sides that tell you all you need to know. One side is used to dry the face off, the other side is used to dry the butt off. It can also be used as a gag gift, providing laughs to the receiver. 

How To Use It

  1. Dry your face off with the face side
  2. Dry your butt off with the butt side.