Car Seat Tray
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Car Seat Tray

Car Seat Tray Snack & Play Travel Tray™ is a highly functional accessory for parents on the go. It serves as a sturdy surface for the little ones and fits snuggly around the car seat. It features  side pockets for storage of snack and toys and a small ledge to help prevent items from rolling off. It is made of soft foam and nylon and will fold on impact. It is easy to set up and is safe, washable and convenient.

Price: $8.88


  • Easy to set up and remove
  • Roomy side pockets for storage of toys, books and snacks
  • Soft foam construction - safe, durable and waterproof
  • Fits most booster seats for cars and airplanes


  1. Firm surface for snacking or playing
  2. Helps keep children amused and occupied during car or plane trips
  3. Designed to keep items from rolling off the tray

How It Works

Snack & Play Travel Tray™ fits snuggly around a child’s booster seat and provides a soft, but firm flat surface. It can be used for eating snacks or a playing surface. It provides a useful way to help keep young children occupied during long trips and the 2 wall around the edge prevents frustration and tantrums as items are more likely to remain on the tray. The soft foam construction makes it safe and will collapse gently around the child with any kind of impact.

How to Use It [Step By Step]

  1. Place child in their booster seat and adjust seat belts
  2. Snap tray into place
  3. Place age appropriate toys or snacks on tray
  4. Get trip underway and enjoy!