Clean Step Mat
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Clean Step Mat

Clean Step Mat The Clean Step Mat is a super-absorbent doormat which will instantly soak up snow, rain, slush, and mud off your shoes when you step on it. You can skip wiping your feet as you would on a standard doormat, and you certainly won’t slip, since the mat’s latex backing holds it firmly in place. Due to this strong backing, it will not scuff the floors, and dirt will not seep through the bottom, either. It’s an extremely useful item for households with kids and pets who often track dirt in.

Price: $19.88


  • Super-absorbent fibers instantly trap all dirt and water off of shoes
  • Cotton and microfiber blend
  • Machine washable
  • Strong, non-slip, non-scuff latex backing
  • 18 by 28 inches
  • Can use on any floor
  • Low enough that doors won’t get stuck on it
  • Also available in large and runner sizes


  1. Front door
  2. Back door
  3. Garage door 

These are the recommended areas to use the Clean Step Mat, but it can be used anywhere in the home, even if there’s no door nearby. Place one in any area which may often receive a great deal of traffic from muddy shoes, snow boots, and pets’ feet.

How it works:

Basically, the Clean Step Mat is like a magnet which attracts unwanted dirt and water that you or others in your household track in. As soon as you step on the mat, the super-absorbent microfibers quickly get to work, absorbing the mud, snow, water, or whatever else you may have brought in. You don’t even need to do anything besides stand on the mat. Due to its effective absorption, dirt and water will not seep through it and ruin your floors underneath, as might happen with a standard doormat.

How to use it:

  1. Place the mat in front of a door or in any other spot which may frequently be stepped on by dirty feet and/or shoes.
  2. When your shoes or feet are soiled, simply step on the mat and it will, likely in less than a minute, absorb all the dirt.
  3. If you’re not sure that every last bit of dirt is gone, wipe your feet to check (you’ll likely find that there’s nothing left on your feet or shoes), and then be on your way.