Eye-Glass Holder
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Eye-Glass Holder

Eye-Glass Holder The Eye-Glass Holder allows you to clip your glasses or sunglasses onto your shirt or dress securely, without running the risk of having them fall off and get scratched up. However, this device isn’t only for glasses. It will also securely hold your pens or Bluetooth devices. Unlike other clips, the product contains magnetic force, which works against the force of gravity that attempts to pull your objects down. The holder comes in four different styles: white, silver (uncolored stainless steel), black, and khaki, so you can buy multiple devices to color co-ordinate with different clothing, if you choose.

Price: $9.95


  • Holds glasses, sunglasses, pens, and Bluetooth devices
  • Magnetic stainless steel back plate (inside shirt or dress) attracts stainless steel front clip (outside shirt or dress) 
  • Allows you to bend over without held objects falling off  
  • Won’t put any holes in your clothes 
  • Four distinct styles available, so can look good with all tops 


  1. Holds glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses when you aren’t using them, but may need them later. 
  2. Securely holds a pen while you’re walking around, so it won’t fall off and go missing. 
  3. Strongly holds your Bluetooth device while you’re walking and talking, or are waiting to use the device for a later task. 

How it Works

The Eye-Glass Holder is much stronger than other clips due to its magnetic force. If you slide the back plate into your shirt or dress, the embedded magnets will attract the front clip, so the device will stay together, no matter what small object you hang on it or how much moving around you do. 

How to Use It

  1. Slide the magnetic stainless steel back plate into your shirt or dress and hold it there with your hand. 
  2. Slide the front clip over top of it and watch the two pieces attract. 
  3. Hang the small object that you need to carry on the front clip, where it will securely remain. 
  4. When finished for the day, simply remove the small object and pull the magnetic pieces apart, by reaching both over and into your shirt or dress.