EZ Pockets
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EZ Pockets

EZ Pockets EZ pockets pan make baking fresh pocket pies at home easier. You can quickly bake 12 perfect pocket pies at one time. Just fill it with your favorite recipe and put inside the oven to bake. In only a few minutes, your delicious pocket pies are ready to enjoy. You can even make different pies in one batch. The free Deluxe Recipe Book offers endless possibilities. EZ pockets also comes with a perfect dough cutter for easy sealing, cutting and decorating. Just glide it through the pan’s ridges, and you can’t go wrong.

Price: $19.95


  • Easy to use
  • Bake 12 personal sized pockets per pan
  • Pocket pies are ready in minutes
  • Comes with perfect dough cutter
  • Includes a deluxe recipe guide to choose a different filling per pocket
  • Designed with pan ridges to guide the perfect dough cutter 


  1. Baking personal-sized pocket pies at home
  2. Baking different pies in one pan, at the same time
  3. Perfect for snacks, lunches, dinners, and desserts

How It Works

EZ pockets have 12 personal sized pocket pie molds in one pan. You only have to place the dough in the pan, fill it with your pocket pie recipe, then cover the top with dough. The pan has ridges to guide the perfect dough cutter for easy cutting, sealing, and decorating.

How to Use

  1. Mold the dough into the pan.
  2. Fill with your favorite pocket pie recipe. You can make different pies in one pan.
  3. Use the perfect dough cutter to seal, cut, and decorate the pies edges.
  4. Have the perfect dough cutter follow the pan’s ridges to keep it in place.Bake in oven.Serve and enjoy.