Flashlight Friends
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Flashlight Friends

Flashlight Friends Flashlight Friends™ are colorful soft toys with a built-in flashlight. The flashlight taps on and taps off and has an automatic 10 minute shut off timer. There are six animals to choose from and it is safe for kids of all ages. There is a handle on the back for easy transport. The battery-operated LED light lasts for 100s of hours and never heats up. It comes in handy for kids that are afraid of the dark, during sleep overs and reading in the back of the car. 

Price: $19.95



  • Super soft stuffed animal with carrying handle
  • Battery operated LED light that last for hours and never gets hot
  • 6 different animals to choose from
  • Automatically shuts off after 10 minutes
  • Taps on and off


  1. Makes kids feel safe when they are afraid of the dark
  2. Can be used for night reading, playing or trips to the bathroom
  3. Provides companionship, comfort and fun
  4. Can serve as a nightlight

How It Works

Flashlight Friends™ are fun but functional soft toys with an embedded LED flashlight that is safe and durable. The LED light never gets hot and lasts for hours with a single set of batteries. It can be easily carried by the handle and turns on and off easily with just a tap. An automatic shut off will turn the light off after 10 minutes. 

How to Use It [Step By Step]

  1. Place batteries in appropriate compartment and close securely
  2. Tap light on
  3. Use as required, to provide security, comfort, reading light or play
  4. Tap light off or wait until automatic shut off kicks in after 10 minutes
  5. Hug and enjoy