Flex Seal Clear
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Flex Seal Clear

Flex Seal Clear A crystal clear mastic rubberized coating that seeps into holes and cracks. It immediately dries up and forms into a flexible rubberized and water tight coating. Flex Seal Clear repairs leaks and protects your home from damage. It is durable and guaranteed to last for years. It covers holes and cracks while staying invisible, but it can also be painted with different colors. It adheres to almost any surface, such as concrete, aluminum, wood, metal, cement, vinyl, tile, glass, fabric, drywall, and a lot more. It lasts for many years without peeling, cracking, or deteriorating.

Price: $12.95


  • Quick drying
  • Lasts for years without deteriorating
  • Adheres to almost any surface
  • Stays invisible
  • Can be painted with different colors
  • Will not dry out or peel
  • Can be applied while it’s raining


Can be used to fix leaks and cracks in:

  1. Gutters
  2. Roofs
  3. Pipes
  4. Window Trim
  5. Cement Driveways
  6. Fountains
  7. Skylights
  8. RVs & Campers
  9. Chimneys
  10. A/C Drip Pans
  11. Duct Work & More!

How it Works

Flex Seal is made of durable, mastic rubberized coating. It sprays out as a liquid to easily seep into holes and cracks, and quickly dries to a flexible, watertight, rubberized coating.

How to Use It

  1. Shake well before using.
  2. Spray in an even sweeping motion.
  3. Maintain a distance of 12 to 14 inches from the target area.
  4. For large areas, spray where the leak has occurred and feather the edges.
  5. To achieve best results, apply several coats and use at can-temperatures of above 60°F.
  6. Invert can after each use, and apply a short burst to clear the nozzle
  7. Use only in well ventilated areas.
  8. When using indoors, open doors and windows to prevent vapor buildup.