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Flipeez Flipeezâ„¢ are adorable, fun winter hats designed to protect precious heads and ears from the winter cold. Brightly colored and full of character, this playful headgear is made of ultra-soft fleece and comes in a number of styles. While one size fits all, each design has its own personality with tails or ears that flip, or arms that flap just by squeezing an inflated tassel. Each design is unique and fun in its own way.

Price: $19.95

Type of Flipeez Hat



  • Brightly colored super-soft fleece construction
  • Original characters with unique animations
  • Comfortable design that keeps heads and ears warm
  • One size fits all for ages 4-104


  1. Practical but fun solution for winter fashion
  2. Entertaining
  3. Fashion accessory makes an amusing gift

How It Works

Flipeezâ„¢ are a fun way to encourage people of all ages to dress warmly during the winter months and protect their head and ears. The flaps keep the ears protected from the elements and each hat is animated in a way that suits each character. The movement in each hat is controlled by squeezing a puff-ball tassel which in turn will cause an ear to wiggle, arms to flap or tails to flip.

How to Use It

Flipeezâ„¢ are entertaining and practical winter fashions that can be worn all winter long to help protect and warm heads and ears of people of all ages. These hats add a funky splash of color, fun and character to any winter outfit and make a certain fashion statement.