Genie Bra
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Genie Bra

Genie Bra The Genie Bra is built for comfort, while also providing needed support, lift, and definition to your bust. Unlike many other bras, this machine-washable piece of lingerie made out of nylon and spandex contains no hooks and no wires. It doesn’t even have adjustable straps, since you can pull it on and its fabric will conform immediately to the shape of your body. The bra comes in two different shades (nude and black), so you can match it to the outfit you’re wearing, and it also comes with a set of pads, in case you want to temporarily add some extra shape.

Price: $19.95


  • Two different shades (black and nude)
  • Set of pads included
  • Lifts, shapes, and defines bust
  • No hooks, wires, or adjustable straps
  • Wide band is ribbed for support, but not uncomfortably tight
  • Wide shoulder straps add to support offered
  • Safe in the washing machine and dryer (except pads, which can be hand-washed and air-dried)
  • Made of 96 per cent nylon, and 4 per cent spandex
  • Can step into bra or pull over head due to stretchy nature


  1. Work, under any uniform or required style of clothing.
  2. At the gym, as it’s supportive enough to withstand athletic activity.
  3. For a night out, along with the removable pads, if you choose.
  4. Sleeping, as it’s comfortable enough to wear to bed.

How it works:

Unlike with many other bras, you don’t have to worry about fiddling with straps and hooks before or after you put it on. Instead, you can just step into it or pull it over your head. Due to the nature of its fabrics and its wide straps and band, it will stretch to fit your shape, while still hugging your bust tightly enough to support it. Due to the removable nature of its pads, you can choose whether to give your bust an extra lift or not each time you wear the bra.

How to use it:

  1. Choose a shade (black or nude).
  2. Simply pull the bra over your head and shoulders, or step into it by pulling it up over your hips and waist, and then looping the straps over your shoulders.
  3. Choose whether you want to insert the removable pads or not, and be on your way.
  4. When you get home, remove the pads (if applicable) and throw the bra in the wash, if you do not choose to wear it for sleep.
  5. Hand-wash the pads (the soap used and the temperature of the water does not matter).
  6. Leave the pads out to dry and run the bra through the dryer.