Grab Bag
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Grab Bag

Grab Bag Grab Bag is a reusable shopping bag that actually clips to the inside of your cart. The clip feature makes stacking and filling your bag easy. A broad base ensures that your groceries will not tip over in the car. Folding flaps create a handle that prevents spills. These bags are durable and have the capacity to hold the contents of 7 plastic bags. Grab Bag is strong enough to carry a 40 pound dumbbell and when you are not using these bags they fold flat for easy storage.

Price: $14.95

How to Use (Step by Step)

1. Open And Clip
  • Open your Grab Bag and securely clip it to the inside of your cart.
  • 2. Fill It
  • Fill it with all of your grocery items.
  • 3. Close It
  • When you are finished all you have to do is lift Grab Bag out of your cart, close the handles and you are done.
  • How It Works

    The secret to this product is the broad base which keeps your bag balanced to prevent spills by adding stability. Specially placed clips secure to your cart so you are not stuck holding your bags open as you are filling them.


    Front Pocket
  • There is a pocket located on the front of Grab Bag. This pocket can hold your wallet, cell phone and grocery list - ensuring you never forget anything at home.
  • Earth Friendly Material
  • The earth friendly material is mold and mildew resistant so you never have to worry about bacteria growing in these bags.
  • Uses

    1. Laundry
  • Use Grab Bag as a laundry basket. When going to the laundromat all of your dirty laundry is exposed. Now you can close the handles and everything stays hidden.
  • 2. Picnic
  • Use Grab Bag to pack a picnic lunch. It is large enough to hold all of your food, disposables and a sheet to sit on.