Hot Huez
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Hot Huez

Hot Huez Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk is the new way to add a pop of color and style to your hair. The hair chalk comes in four different colors (fiery fuscia, hot pink, electric blue, and neon green). It works on all hair types - short or long, dark or light, curly or straight. With Hot Huez Hair Chalk, you can color you hair without making a mess. It lasts all day, and washes out with your regular shampooing. 

Price: $9.95



  • Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk is easy to use.
  • It goes on fast, and doesn’t make a mess.
  • It’s temporary, and washes out with shampoo.
  • It works on all hair types.
  • It comes in four bright, fun colors.
  • It won’t harm your hair like dyes and chemicals will.


  1. Use Hot Huez Hair Chalk on long or short hair.
  2. Use it on curly or straight hair.
  3. Use it on dark or light colored hair.
  4. Use it to add eye popping color to you hair.
  5. Use it for a night out.
  6. Use it to add your own personal style to you hair.

How it Works

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk glides on easily. It uses a special application pad that allows you to apply the color without making a mess. It’s better for your hair than hair dye, and won’t damage your hair at all. It washes right out when you shampoo.

How to Use It

  1. Apply Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk to clean, dry hair.
  2. Separate a strand of hair about an inch thick, and slide the applicator through the hair.
  3. Do as many or as few streaks as you want.
  4. Add different colors for a unique look.
  5. Wash the color out when you shampoo.