Instant 20/20 Glasses
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Instant 20/20 Glasses

Instant 20/20 Glasses Instant 20/20 Glasses are adjustable eye glasses that you can adjust to get perfect vision on both eyes, even if they’re not the same. You simply dial them in to see great. They’re lightweight and durable, and correct up to 90 percent of spherical errors. They work for nearsighted and farsighted vision. They can be used as a backup in case your lose or break your regular glasses, but should not be used as a replacement for prescription eye glasses.

Price: $29.95


  • Instant 20/20 Glasses are available without a prescription.
  • This means they will save you money.
  • They allow you to see clearly in any situation.
  • They work on nearsighted and farsighted vision problems.
  • They correct 90 percent of spherical errors.
  • They are lightweight and durable. 
  • They work as a back up for your prescription glasses and contacts.


  1. Use Instant 20/20 Glasses when you lose your regular eye glasses.
  2. Use them for reading.
  3. Use them on vacation.
  4. Use them for watching television.
  5. Use them when your regular glasses are broken.
  6. Use them for watching sporting events.

How it Works

The secret to Instant 20/20 Glasses is that they allow you to dial in to clear vision all by yourself. The lenses adjust until you can see clearly, allowing you to watch television or read a newspaper or book without wearing contacts or prescription eye glasses.

How to Use It

  1. Wear Instant 20/20 Glasses like you would wear a normal pair of eye glasses.
  2. You are able to adjust the vision on each side of the glasses.
  3. Turn the dial to adjust the lenses until you can see clearly. 
  4. Note that these glasses do not correct astigmatism. 
  5. Both eyes may not need the same level of vision correction.