Lumi Doh
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Lumi Doh

Lumi Doh Lumi Doh is a new way for kids to test their creative skills. It’s a clay-like substances that rolls up, presses down, and functions like ordinary clay. However, it’s made form silicone, so it never dries out and it holds its shape. When you turn off the lights, Lumi Doh glows in the dark, making your children’s creations shine as they sleep. This product also leaves behind no mess, so parents will love it too.

Price: $19.95



Glow In The Dark Clay
  • Lumi Doh light’s up at night, meaning that your child’s eyes will light up when they say their creations keeping the room lit.
  • No Mess
  • Unlike clay that leaves behind residue, this will not stick or shed to the ground, making cleanup easy.
  • Sleek Polyester Surface
  • The creations will look authentic and not rough like most clay sculptures.
  • Holds Its Shape
  • It will not collapse on itself, nor will it break apart easily. No having to worry about losing your precious creations.
  • Uses

    1. Promotes Children’s Creativity
  • This is a fun way for your child to be creative without any hassle. Let their imagination flow.
  • How It Works

    It’s made from polyester, so it stays its shape easier, it doesn’t dry out, and it contains materials that allow it to glow in the dark.

    How to Use (Step by Step)

    1. Take It Out Of The Box2. Play With It
  • . Roll it up, build things, let your imagination run wild.
  • 3. Store When Finished
  • Clean up is easy. You can keep your creations until you’re ready to take them apart and start anew.