Mighty Bite Lure
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Mighty Bite Lure

Mighty Bite Lure The Mighty Bite Fishing Lure Kit was invented by professional fisherman Jeff Mancini. Now, you can catch fish like a pro too with the Mighty Bite Fishing Lure kit. Mighty Bite works for all predatory fish. The incredible "Spasmic" action is designed to mimic a wounded fish. This action combined with the unique bite-mark design and scent sticks make this lure look, smell, sound, feel and taste and swim like a wounded baitfish! It features a 3D hologram design and creates a powerful scent trail. With Mighty Bite, fish will strike and strike often. It's designed to appeal to all 5 senses - sight, sound, smell, feel and taste. It's great for fresh water and salt water fish.

Price: $19.88

The Mighty Bite Fishing Lure Kit Includes:

2 - 5.5" Mighty Bite (1 Herring, 1 Tennessee Shad)
2 - 6" Weighted Mighty Fins, (1 Herring, 1 silver/white)
2 - 3.75" Mighty Bite (1 Chartreuse, 1 Tennessee Shad)
2 - 4" Weighted Mighty Fin (1 Tennessee Shad, 1 Chartreuse)
2 - 6" Unhooked Mighty Fin (1 Tennessee Shad, 1 Chartreuse)
3 - Red Stinger Treble Hooks and Harness
4 - Wide Gap Offset Hooks for Mighty Fin
1 - Popper with Harness
12 - Assorted size Scent Sticks
12 - Assorted size Rattles
14 - Assorted size Fins
10 - Assorted size Tail Weights
14 - Assorted size "Fin Locking Pins"
21 - Assorted size Weed Guards
1 - EZ Fishing Guide and Instruction Sheet