Mighty Blaster Firemans Nozzle
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Mighty Blaster Firemans Nozzle

Mighty Blaster Firemans Nozzle

Easily blast away dirt from your siding, car, or driveway with this powerful nozzle that uses the same pressure control technology as professional fire hoses. This small and lightweight nozzle fits on any hose and is ergonomically designed to reduce arm, hand, and wrist fatigue. Uses up to 40% less water, while producing up to 50% more pressure than regular nozzles. Features an adjustable sprayer that goes from a fine mist to a powerful blast in just a twist. Excellent for making tough clean-up jobs quick and easy. Constructed from durable plastic, aircraft-grade aluminum, and stainless steel. 2¾”L x 8¾”W x 8½”H.


- Super Powerful, Adjustable Spray Nozzle
- Adjustable Spray- Fine Mist to Powerful Stream
- Rugged Aircraft Grade Aluminum
- Powerful Fire Nozzle Technology
- Fits Any Garden Hose
- Comfort Grip

Price: $14.95