Party in the Tub
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Party In The Tub

Party in the Tub The Party in the Tub is a small light that adds fun to your children’s bath time. It’s made of durable plastic, and is water proof so your children can enjoy this LED light show for years to come. You can spin it, dunk it, and splash it around to create your own personal light show right in the tub. It has been designed to make bath time for fun for kids, and less work for parents.

Price: $14.95


  • Party in the Tub light is durable.
  • It has a water-tight seal.
  • The LED lights are water-safe and long-lasting.
  • No more begging your child to get in the tub.
  • It makes bath time fun for kids of all ages.
  • It makes bath time better for parents too.


  1. Use Party in the Tub to make bath time fun for your children.
  2. It makes your kids want to get in the bath.
  3. Create light displays that will keep children entertained throughout the bath.
  4. You can even use it in the shower for teens and pre-teens.

How it Works

The Party in the Tub light is made from a durable plastic material. The LED lights are water-safe and long-lasting, providing fun bath time for children of all ages. The LED lights illuminate the bath water, change colors, and give off a light show that your children are sure to enjoy.

How to Use It

  1. Simply turn on your Party in the Tub light, and place it in the bath with your children. 
  2. They will enjoy splashing it, dunking it, spinning it, and watching it make their bath glow.
  3. When bath time is over, simply turn the toy off, and store it until next time.