Ped Egg Power
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Ped Egg Power

Ped Egg Power Ped Egg Power buffs away callouses, dry skin, dead skin and rough patches on your feet. This electronic device works to smooth your feet and the process is pain free. Perfect for men and women, this product also comes with a certificate that gives you a lifetime of replacement blades so you will never have rough feet again. The blade free design is easy to use and it provides instant results. Stop scraping and scrubbing at callouses because now you can gently buff them away.

Price: $14.95

How to Use (Step by Step)

1. Buff
  • All you have to do is turn on Ped Egg Power and gently glide it over the bottom of foot and heal. It will buff away all of your callouses.
  • 2. Smooth
  • Put the smoothing roller on Ped Egg Power to give your feet a smoothed finish.
  • 3. Apply Heel-tastic
  • Apply Heel-tastic intensive foot cream to prevent future cracks and rough spots.
  • Features

    Smoothing Attachment
  • The smoothing attachment can be put on the top of Ped Egg Power. This attachment smooths the skin after it has been buffed.
  • Heel-tastic
  • Heel-tastic is a roll on intensive foot therapy cream. This cream works to add moisture to your foot, just roll it on after you use Ped Egg Power to prevent dry skin.
  • Uses

    1. Feet
  • Use Ped Egg Power on your feet to achieve younger looking and baby smooth feet.
  • 2. Hands
  • You can also use this product on your hands. It will gently remove callouses and dead skin.
  • How It Works

    Ped Egg Power works because of the nano-abrasion roller. This roller is blade free and spins 2000 times per minute, making the buffing process quick and gentle.