Pet Sweep Gift Box
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Pet Sweep Gift Box

Pet Sweep Gift Box The Pet Sweep Gift Box is actually a prank gift box. It shows a picture of a happy dog on the front of the box, wearing mop-like slippers. The box advertises the four dust boots that your pet will wear to clean your floors, in sizes: One Size Fits Most Paws! Use this gift box as a gag to give to someone you’d really like to prank. They will think they’re getting this outrageous gift, only to find that the Pet Sweep isn’t actually inside the box!

Price: $5.88


  • The Pet Sweep Gift Box looks like a legitimate product.
  • This gift box is an inventive way to prank family and friends.
  • The advertising on the box will make anyone laugh.
  • It features a happy dog wearing his four dust boots.
  • Your friends will think you’re giving them this Animal-Powered Debris Removal System.


  1. Use the Pet Sweep Gift Box for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions.
  2. Use this gift box to prank friends and family, and give everyone a laugh.
  3. Use it to disguise your real present inside the gift box.
  4. Use this as a gag gift all on its own!

How it Works

The makers of the Pet Sweep Gift Box have outdone themselves. They’ve created this gift box to look just like a legitimate product that you would find at a retail store. The logo looks real, and the photo of the dog makes you think that this really could be a product.

How to Use It

  1. Once you’ve purchased your Pet Sweep Gift Box, you can take your real gift and put it inside.
  2. You can also give the gift box alone as a gag gift.
  3. Watch as your friends or family members are shocked at your gift to them!