Pink Armor Nail Gel
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Pink Armor Nail Gel

Pink Armor Nail Gel Pink Armor is a keratin enriched gel coat that seals, repairs and strengthens your nails instantly. Daily chores can be very tough on your nails, making them break, split or crack. Pink Armor’s keratin rich formula will go deep down into your nails to repair and make them healthy again. It also has optical brighteners to make nail tips look even whiter, and the nail beds look pinker. With just two coats a week, your nails are guaranteed to be stronger, brighter and healthier.

Price: $9.95


  • Enriched with keratin
  • Has optical brighteners
  • Formulated to be peel, chip and crack proof


  1. Helps nails grow stronger and longer
  2. Repairs weak, cracked, split and brittle nails
  3. Optical brighteners help nail tips appear whiter and the nail beds pinker
  4. Base coat to restores damaged nails
  5. Top coat to protect the nail polish
  6. Great for pedicures
  7. Gives you salon perfect nails

How it Works

Nail Armor is not a polish, but a nail treatment and a nail guard. It repairs and strengthens nails with its keratin rich formula, that penetrates deep down into the nails to restore them to health. Nail Armor also has optical brighteners that make the nail tips appear whiter and the nail beds to look pinker. The keratin enriched formula is also a tough and effective base coat and top coat.

How to Use It

  1. Clean and dry nails before application.
  2. Apply two coats of Nail Armor to each nail (apply like you would a nail polish).
  3. To use as base coat, apply Nail Armor before applying your nail polish.
  4. To use as top coat, apply Nail Armor over your nail polish.