Potato Express
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Potato Express

Potato Express Potato Express™ is a fast and easy way to cook perfect potatoes in just 4 minutes. Any kind of potato can be cooked this way and the special express bags can do up to 4 at one time. The insulated bag comes with 2 recipe books and a super slicer. The re-usable bag is machine washable and makes it possible to make everything from home fries, potato salad and potato skins in addition to perfect baked potatoes. It can also be used to revive day old bread and buns or cook corn on the cob in the husk.

Price: $9.95


  • Potato Express™ is fast and easy
  • Special insulated pouches are re-usable and machine washable
  • Includes a special bonus of 2 recipe books and super slicer
  • Cooks any kind of potato in 4 short minutes and can be used on other foods as well


  1. Cooks any kind of potatoes perfectly in 4 short minutes
  2. Can also cook corn on the cob and freshen up day old bread
  3. Helps shorten cooking and preparation time on making mashed potatoes, potato skins, homefries, etc.

How It Works

Potato Express™ is a special insulated pouch that makes it possible to cook a perfect potato in a very short time. Traditional ovens take too long and microwaves shrink and dry out the potato. These unique, washable sleeves hold in the steam and keep the potato moist and fluffy while accelerating the cooking time.

How to use It

  1. Wash potatoes
  2. Insert potatoes into the insulated bag and close the flap
  3. Microwave for 4 minutes
  4. Enjoy or transform further as desired