Purrfect Arch Cat Scratcher
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Purrfect Arch Cat Scratcher

Purrfect Arch Cat Scratcher Purrfect Arch is the purrfect way for your cat to brush loose hairs from its coat without the mess. The arch contains durable plastic bristles that massage the cat while kitty brushes against it and removes all loose hairs. Its carpet base provides you with a scratchable surface that will entertain your cat for hours, and the carpet is catnip infused. This means that your cat will always come back for more and never lose interest in it.

Price: $19.95


1. Used To Remove Loose Hairs
  • Loose hairs can cover your furniture and clothes, making a mess.
  • 2. Used For Playtime
  • Cats will love brushing against it and scratching its carpet.
  • Features

    Brush Removes Loose Hairs
  • The brush is made from durable plastic bristles that sweep the cat’s loose hairs. This means it won’t shed all over your carpet, furniture, or your clothes.
  • Carpet Can Be Scratched
  • Instead of your cat scratching you or the furniture, let it scratch the carpet base to its heart’s content.
  • Catnip Infused Carpet
  • By infusing the carpet with catnip, your cat will always be coming back for more. They won’t use it once and then lose interest in the toy afterwards.
  • How It Works

    The toy contains a carpet base and an arched brush. Its brush contains durable plastic bristles that are designed to remove loose hairs, while the carpet is catnip infused. This means your cat will be attracted to the toy.

    How to Use (Step by Step)

    1. Set It Up
  • Follow all instructions beforehand.
  • 2. Let Your Cat Play
  • Watch as it has fun and removes all of its loose hairs.