Quick Chef For Dummies
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Quick Chef For Dummies

Quick Chef For Dummies Quick Chef for Dummies offers fast, easy and delicious recipes ready in minutes. This book is based on the "For Dummies" book series, that popularly gives readers concise information and tips. It is jam-packed with simple, trouble-free recipes that promote good health. The quick wholesome recipes make it possible, even for busy people, to maintain a healthy diet. The book contains a wide range of 15 minute recipes, and a rich trove of cooking advice and tips to help readers save valuable time.

Price: $2.95


  • Offers a wide variety of meal ideas
  • Promotes a healthy diet
  • Helps save valuable time
  • Comes in a portable package (slips easily into pocket, briefcase or purse)
  • Has a convenient magnetic backing to keep them right where they are needed
  • Waterproof
  • Tear-proof


  1. The guide promotes healthy diet through effortless recipes.
  2. It provides a wide range of quick meals to help save time.

How it Works

The book is one of the extensive For Dummies instructional book series, that is intended to present readers with non-intimidating guides. Quick Chef for Dummies, helps promote good diet to busy people. It works by offering them a variety of quick 15 minute meals, that are very easy to prepare. The book has an innovative design that allows readers to fold out the book to access 26 pages of helpful figures, facts, and other useful information.  For the reader’s convenience, the book comes with a magnetic backing to ensure that it stays right where they are needed, like on refrigerators or filing cabinets.

How to Use It

  1. Choose a recipe in the book to help you prepare a quick meal.
  2. To save more time, read through the recipes in the book and pick-out recipes in advance for a weekly menu.
  3. Purchase the ingredients needed for your weekly menu at one time, to save you several trips to the store.
  4. Stick the recipe onto the refrigerator or any metal to easily follow the recipes while you are cooking.