Royal Posture
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Royal Posture

Royal Posture Small/Medium: Fits Waist Size 25-36; Dress Size 0-16
Large/XL: Fits Waist Size 37-58; Dress Size 18-38

Improve your posture! Poor posture straining your neck and back? Does sitting all day cause pain that won't go away? Then you need Royal Posture, the amazing posture support system that perfectly aligns your spine to help relieve pain. Improve your posture with Royal Posture today!

* Pull shoulder straps over shoulders making sure that fabric pouches with magnets are closest to your body.
* Stretch waist belt around torso and fasten.
* Adjust position and snugness as needed. Shoulder straps should pull back slightly on shoulder area. If needed pull waist belt down slightly to increase shoulder pressure.
* Wash by hand in gentle detergent. Air dry.

Price: $19.95