Seat Pets
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Seat Pets

Seat Pets Seat Pets™ are soft and fun stuffed animals designed to provide comfort and companionship to kids while travelling in cars or planes. It provides a soft place to rest one’s head while sleeping and protects children from the abrasive seatbelt edges. There are five colorful critters to choose from and they are machine washable. Each Seat Pet™ features a number of pockets for storing small treasures, snacks or useful items. Soften the edge of the belt and provide cozy comfort, support and fun all at the same time.

Price: $19.95



  • Five colorful characters to choose from
  • Protects children from the abrasive seatbelt edge
  • Provides a pillow and a huggable friend while travelling
  • Supports head and neck
  • Can be used and played with beyond car use


  1. Support head and neck while sleeping or resting
  2. Prevents chafing from seatbelt on skin and clothing
  3. Provides companionship and fun to young children
  4. Is cozy, warm and soft and includes storage pockets for snacks, treasures or necessities
  5. Can be played with as a regular stuffed toy and accompany the child while sleeping or playing generally

How It Works

Seat Pets™ are designed to clamp on easily to any seatbelt which gives the child somewhere to rest their head and something to hug with their arms. It is fun, colorful and soft and includes storage pockets. It can be removed and used like any stuffed toy.

How to Use It [Step By Step]

  1. Situate child in their seat and position seatbelt appropriately
  2. Secure the Seat Pet™ clamp onto the seatbelt
  3. Position the pillow and ensure child’s comfort
  4. Begin travelling in comfort and peace