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Snackeez Snackeez are portable containers that offer separate compartments for snacks and drinks. One can enjoy their favorite snack in one section and their favorite drink in another, all in the same cup. They are equipped with straw holders and a hinged, flip-top lid, which snaps securely to prevent drinks from spilling or messes from occurring. The Snackeez containers are dishwasher safe and have room for a 16 ounce drink. These cups are available in pink/blue, blue/green, green/orange, and orange/purple.

Price: $9.95



Two Compartments
  • Snackeez are equipped with two compartments: one for a snack and one for a drink. There is a room for a snack of the user’s choice and any 16 ounce drink.
  • Seals Securely
  • Snackeez are equipped with a hinged flip-top lid that seals securely and not only keeps snacks fresh but also prevents drinks from spilling and making messes.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • All of the Snackeez containers are safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Uses

    1. Car
  • Snackeez are ideal for kids eating snacks in the car, because they can enjoy their favorite foods on the go without making a huge mess.
  • 2. Couch
  • Families can munch on a variety of snacks and drinks all at once using the Snackeez containers.
  • How It Works

    The original design of the Snackeez containers allows for a snack and a 16 oz drink, all in the same cup. A drink goes in the cup first, and the compartment under the lid is used for storing snacks.

    How to Use (Step by Step)

    1. Pour Drink
  • Pour desired drink into the cup.
  • 2. Add Snacks
  • Add desired drink to the snack holder.