Squishy Sand
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Squishy Sand

Squishy Sand Squishy Sand gives you the feeling that you are building a sand castle at the beach but you are doing it indoors. This is a new type of sand that can be played with inside. It is not messy and dry like regular sand instead it is sticky and holds together so you can build anything you want. Use moulds to create a castle, stack, roll or sculpt it - you can do everything with Squishy Sand.

Price: $14.95

How to Use (Step by Step)

1. Order
  • The first step is to place your order for Squishy Sand.
  • 2. Open And Play
  • The next step is to open it up and play. You can do anything you want with it because the creative possibilities are endless.
  • 3. Clean Up
  • Clean up is easy because Squishy Sand will not stick to your hands or other surfaces - it only sticks to itself.
  • How It Works

    Squishy Sand has a unique design that makes it sticky but easy to clean up. This sand will never dry up and holds together so you can both shape and stack it.


  • Squishy Sand does not have any toxic additives so it is perfectly safe for your children to play with.
  • Mess Free
  • Squishy Sand will not stick to your hands, table or clothes so clean up is a breeze.
  • Tools
  • For more creative possibilities you are also given a roller, scratch knife and shovel - so just have fun.
  • Uses

    1. Sculptures
  • Use Squishy Sand to create sculptures of anything you can imagine. The material is strong enough to hold together but easy to take apart when you are finished.
  • 2. Stack It
  • Use moulds and create different shapes to create a castle. You can stack Squishy Sand on top of each other without having to worry about it falling apart.
  • 3. Roll And Cut It
  • You can even roll and cut Squishy Sand so you can create cakes, race tracks and everything else imaginable.