Stuffies - Muddzie the Pig
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Stuffies - Muddzie The Pig

Stuffies - Muddzie the Pig Stuffies - Muddzie the Pig When it comes to getting the job done, Muddzie is the pig who's not afraid to get dirty helping others. But when worktime is over, Muddzie loves nothing better than to nuzzle up to you with his super-soft pink snout. Stuffies are clever, cozy toys on a mission to keep your kid's treasures safe! They have top-secret pockets that are fun to discover and store all kinds of keepsakes! Plus, every Stuffie comes with a free, full-sized storybook and a secret surprise hidden inside.

Price: $39.95


All stuffies are approximately 20 inches long and 12 inches height.
50.8 x 22.9 x 30.5 cm; Weight: 544 g

Expensive CANADA Shipping

Yes you are right! We charge $19.98 to ship one stuffie to Canada.

We pay part of the shipping for you to decrease your cost!

USPS charges us $33.60 to deliver one stuffie to Canada.

The reason it costs so much is due to the size. Stuffies are shipped from the United States. In fact, it is very difficult to purchase them and have them shipped to Canada.

Even the official As Seen on TV Stuffies website will not ship to Canada. They offer great deals and a slightly lower price, but will only deliver within the United States.

Save even more!

For each additional Stuffie you purchase after the first one, we only charge an additional $9.99 shipping, which is very reasonable.

How to order in Canada
  1. Add Stuffie to your 'Cart'
  2. Select 'Canada' in 'Country' Dropdown box
  3. Select your Province in the 'Sate/Provence Dropdown box
    HINT: Provinces are at the very bottom

Almost SOLD OUT Everywhere

Don't wait to order. Stuffies are one of the hottest toys this Christmas season and will sell out.


1 Stuffie is all the Gift(s) You Need

Stuffies are expensive because their size and high quality. This make them great for Christmas or Birthday gifts to Grandchildren. Rather than buying half a dozen small gifts, when you buy a stuffie, that is all you need to give the child. Both you and the parent will know how much was spent on the high quality gift and the grandchild will love the many uses of his or her new favorite toy/stuffed animal.

Age Appropriate

Stuffies are great for children (boys & girls) from the age of 2-8.

Children over the age of 8, may still enjoy the usefulness of the stuffies as it is not just a regular stuffedanimal. Female children between the ages of 8 and 12 are reaching a stage where they want independence and to keep things private. This stuffedanimal will allow them to hide their most precious or personal positions (such as diaries) within a stuffed animal.


Every child wants what their sibling has. If buying this for one child, you may want to buy for their sibling as well. This toy quickly becomes a favorite stuffed animal that they will carry around. The reason being, they can place their other favorite toys inside, keeping them save, discreet and easy to carry.

Parents who have ordered stuffies for their multiple children usually buy separate designs so that each child can have additional pride in their special stuffie which is tailored to their personality.

Stuffed Animals are Boring

That's right! Children play with stuffed animals for 30 minutes then throw them in the corner. Stuffies are MUCH different. Children love to fill up bags, bring them to a new location, and then empty them again. The reason the love doing this is the 'surprise' of recalling what was hidden in the bag.

A Stuffie serves this purpose, yet is so much softer, more attractive and fun then a 'bag'.

A Stuffie is not just a stuffed animal.


  • High Quality
  • Bright Material
  • Soft / Cuddly
  • Promotes Use of Imagination
  • Used again and again to carry and hide new toys


  • Children often become so attached to the Stuffie that if rules are not put into place they may wish to sleep with it and bring it in the car everywhere they go.

How to Make a Stuffie EXTRA Special

Hide little treasures inside. You can hide small, inexpensive toys and treats inside the stuffie, both when you give it as a gift and as a special surprise.

Children love to be surprised more than the actual surprise gift itself. But hiding something suck as a $1 Kinder Egg, or Mini Doll / Figurine / Hair Clips Ect inside, your child / grandchild will think they have the world!