The ove Glove
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The Ove Glove

The ove Glove Ove Glove oven mitt makes it possible to never burn your hands again while cooking! Don't you hate when you are reaching in the stove for a pan of cookies and your oversized oven mitt falls off? With the new Oven Glove this will never happen again. The glove that makes you feel like a superhero. Withstands temperatures up to 480 degrees, and does not catch fire or melt! Handle scorching light bulbs, baking pans, wood-burning stoves, and more. Fits either hand. Comfortable five-fingered flexi-grip construction. Fits both left or right hand. Withstands extreme heat up to 480 degrees. Perfect for the kitchen, barbeque, changing a light bulb, or anywhere you need to get a sure grip on a hot object! No More Dropped Pans ! No More Burns. Ever wished you could use all five fingers when removing pans from the oven? Well, Now you can with the Ove Glove Oven Mitt. Made from KEVLAR and NOMEX, the same material that fire fighter's flame resistant clothing is made from the Ove Glove Oven Mitt can withstand temperatures of up to 480 degrees. You can dramatically extend the time youcanhandle hot objects. Ove Glove Oven Mitt can withstand temperatures of up to 480 degrees. We've all lost grip of a sheet pan full of cookies fresh from the oven because the hot pad or oven mitt we were using was just too big and bulky to get a good firm grip on the pan. Kitchen towels aren't much better as they often aren't thick enough or the right material to protect our hands from the heat... let alone we usually end up dragging the corner of the towel into the food! Comfortable. Five-fingered flexi-grip. For left or right hand. Withstands extreme heat up to 480 degrees F. The Ove Glove is perfect for the kitchen, barbeque and handling hot surfaces around the house. The Ove Glove exterior layer is made of DuPont Nomex and Kevlar. Interior layer of soft doubleknit cotton. Machine washable. The thermal properties of The Ove Glove outer layer, which is made of Nomex and Kevlar dramatically extend the time you can handle a hot object in your hands. The tough exterior of this glove forms a thermal isolation barrier, slowing the temperature increase in the interior layer of soft doubleknit cotton. When exposed to an open flame, the outer layer of glove does not catch fire and does not melt. The Ove Glove's outer layer is made of 86% Nomex and 14% Kevlar. Classified UL: Protective kitchen apparel as to heat and flame resistant only. Maximum surface temperature 480 degrees F.

Price: $14.88