Waterfall Soap Saver
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Waterfall Soap Saver

Waterfall Soap Saver The Waterfall Soap Saver is a product that is for anyone who washes with a traditional bar of soap. It is a slanted soap container with prongs to hold the soap into place. The slanting allows water to drain from the soap after it’s been used, keeping the soap dry. By keeping soap dry, it can be used for a longer period of time without the soap easily breaking apart. It fits any bar of soap.

Price: $2.95


  • The Waterfall Soap Saver can let you save your bars of soap.
  • Slanted design means that water from the soap runs off, keeping the soap dry.
  • Because of this, no having to scrape excessive soap from your soap container. Soap bars last longer.
  • Prong design allows for soap to stay in place, not falling off.
  • Can fit any bar of soap. 
  • Ceramic-like design, but it will not break if dropped, meaning that it lasts much longer than ordinary soap holders. 


  1. It is used to hold soap in the bathroom or shower when you are not using them.
  2. Slanted design means that excess water runs off of the container, making the soap stay dry, allowing it not to get mushy or stick to the holder. 

How It Works

After using wet soap, the water will make the soap stay mushy, and it will stick to surfaces, losing bits of the soap. The slanted design makes water run off, keeping the soap dry.

How To Use It

  1. Put soap in the container after use. 
  2. Soap dries up on its own.