Wipe New Wheels
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Wipe New Wheels

Wipe New Wheels Wipe New Wheels

Wipe New Wheels is the ultimate brake dust defender. Apply once and it protects for years. This product works by forming a powerful barrier that repels: brake dust, road grime, salt & corrosion.

Do you find that it takes as long to clean your wheels as it does to wash the body of your car? Not anymore! Clean your wheels in a fraction of the time. Throw away wheel scrubbing brushes and harsh cleaners. We guarantee that only soap and water will be necessary to keep your wheels looking new for 2 years! Wipe New Wheels restores color, brings back shine, protects from corrosion and provides for years of easy cleaning.

Wipe New Wheels proprietary nano-polymer formula is packaged in our patented Wipe-Its, specifically designed for wheel applications. Wipe New Wheels bonds to the surface of your wheel, restoring the original shine and forming a durable protective layer across the wheel surface. Wipe New Wheels will protect your wheels from corrosion, fading and flaking while also repelling harmful brake dust and road contaminants.

Wipe New Wheels has a limited warranty for 2 years protection from the date the product was purchased, to the original purchaser only on metallic automotive wheel surfaces - some exclusions apply.

Wipe New Wheels includes:
1. 2 Precision Wheel Wipe-Its Infused with Wipe New
2. 1 Detail Brush
3. 1 Microfiber Drying Cloth
4. 1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves

Price: $9.95