Yoshi Grill & Bake Mats
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Yoshi Grill & Bake Mats

Yoshi Grill & Bake Mats Yoshi Grill & Bake Mats are non-stick mats that help to keep your grill very clean, while ensuring food is cooked evenly every time. With the ability to reduce flare ups that occur when the fat hits the flame, these mats can provide a safer way of cooking.  No food will fall through the cracks, which means you won’t lose anything, yet every single thing you cook will have the just-grilled taste. With it’s non-stick surface, Yoshu Grill & Bake ensures food easily slides off, every single time. 

Price: $9.95


  • A cleaner and safer way to cook thanks to its ability to avoid flare ups
  • A flat surface that makes cooking food on the grill so much easier
  • The ability to be cut into different sizes, which means a wide variety of food can be cooked with ease


  1. Yoshi Grill & Bake can be used to bake cookies, tasty vegetables, pastries and pizzas
  2. With the ability to cut the mat to any size, it can be used on grills everywhere

How it Works

Yoshi Grill & Bake mats work by forming a protective surface over your grill. They help to prevent food from falling into the bottom of the grill, while also ensuring fat is drained away. Dishhwasher safe, the mats are easy to keep clean and can be reused time after time.

How to use it

  1. These convenient mats can easily be placed over any grill so it stays clean
  2. They can also be used in the oven so perfect cookies and cakes are baked with ease
  3. With the ability to withstand up to 500°, the mats are tough and will provide a sturdy surface to cook or bake on