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Zoomies Zoomiesâ„¢ are compact, hands-free glasses that replace bulky, awkward and expensive binoculars. Worn just like glasses, they are lightweight, and useful for focusing on distant action, birdwatching or reading up close or working on a favorite hobby. They move with your head and the focus can be easily adjusted manually. They feature a sunshade to block out glare and come with neck lanyards and a handy carrying case. They zoom in up to 300 per cent.

Price: $9.95


  • 300X zoom
  • Lightweight and easy manual lens focus dial
  • Compact and hands-free design
  • Inexpensive and useful for distant or close-up applications


  1. Outdoor activities like birdwatching or watching sports activities
  2. Reading fineprint, engaging in hobbies that require close up viewing such as creating minatures
  3. Turning one’s average television into a bigscreen

How It Works

Zoomiesâ„¢ are portable, convenient and easy to adjust whether being used to take in distant sports action or catch the first robin of spring at the bird feeder. They can be worn just like regular glasses or be kept handy and worn on a neck lanyard while threading a needle or reading the newspaper. A sunshade can be flipped out to help eliminate glare on sunny days or in bright light conditions.

How to Use It

  1. Place on lanyard and wear around one’s neck until needed
  2. Wear as regular glasses to zoom in on sports action or hobby activity
  3. Adjust focus by manually dialing each lens appropriately
  4. Employ sunshade to reduce glare